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Transfer of Wealth Research

Kansas community foundations are leading an effort to ensure that the state’s transfer of wealth is preserved and invested in communities across Kansas.

Transfer of Wealth Research conducted by WSU for KACF indicates:

Transfer of Wealth Overview

Following the Great Depression and World War II, the United States entered a golden age of business growth and personal prosperity. Americans have created, invested and multiplied unprecedented wealth. Over the next 50 years, this capital – a conservative estimate of $41 trillion nationwide – will change hands.

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Research Overview

The Kansas Association of Community Foundations collaborated with the Kansas Health Foundation to analyze the transfer of wealth data for the purpose of enhancing statewide philanthropic giving. The Center for Economic Development and Business Research at Wichita State University carried out the study in 2007 and updated it in 2012 and 2019, estimating future intergenerational wealth transfer for each county in Kansas. A model initially created by Boston College was used to determine a value for total wealth in Kansas.

For more detailed information about the Transfer of Wealth Updated Research, please contact Jeremy Hill at the Center for Economic Development and Business Research.

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What is Transfer of Wealth?

It is an estimate of the household estate wealth transferred from the current generation to the next. Researchers at Boston College conservatively estimated a $41 trillion transfer of wealth (TOW) in America from 2000 to 2050. The estimation of TOW is considered a possible future scenario for communities to consider; it is not a prediction or an absolute number about the future.

How Can Kansas Communities Benefit

Transfer of Wealth figures present an opportunity to all Kansas communities for local charitable giving. Generally, the TOW opportunity is greatest in larger urban communities. But even the smallest community has an opportunity to enhance its community foundation endowment to support local nonprofit agencies and community needs.

Consider Demographics

Counties with aging populations will find the transfer of wealth is expected to peak and then start to decline within the 50-year time span. This is a call to action before the opportunity decreases over time.

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Online Tables

Transfer of Wealth online tables (click here) - There are four on-line tables: the primary transfer of wealth data for each county, the population forecast for each county, the community profile, and a page of additional health, wealth, and education statistics labeled "Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise".

Each table has a dropdown menu so every county can be viewed individually, and in the bottom right corner of each table there are "Download" and "Share" buttons. The Download button offers a lot of options to download the data, including a PDF document of the tables and the "Crosstab" option allows any user to download the data underlying any one of the tables shown. The Share button allows users to link directly to the table page, and the embed code listed is what can be used to embed each of these tables directly in your website or any local community foundation website.

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Download Transfer of Wealth Resources

       Wealth Transfer Report (2020 Research) Transfer of Wealth Report outlines the findings and methodology for the transfer of wealth update.

      Wealth Transfer Tables by County - Current Dollars "Wealth Transfer Tables by County - Current Dollars" gives the forecasts for the estates and charitable bequests in real inflation-adjusted 2016 dollars to best represent the value and buying power of the forecasted charitable bequests.

      Wealth Transfer Tables by County - Nominal Dollars "Wealth Transfer Tables by County - Nominal Dollars", gives the forecasts in nominal dollars, assuming 2% inflation per year, to best represent what the actual dollar amounts of the charitable bequests will be at the time they are given.


       Updated TOW by County (2012 Research)

      TOW Updated Report Summary

      TOW Technical Report

      Presentation TOW Technical Report


Adjusted Transfer of Wealth (2007 Research)

TOW Overview

TOW Release


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