Professional Advisors: Advisor and Client Testimonials

“The local community foundation is a ‘silent partner’ in my practice. Not a day goes by without my thinking about or discussing ways in which my clients can further their financial planning goals, estate planning goals, or charitable objectives via a fund or program at the community foundation. Working with a community foundation is a true ‘win-win’ for all parties involved – the advisor, the client, and the foundation itself.”

Peter L. Peterson, JD, CFP, Salina, Kansas


“Over the years I have explained to my clients the fact that all of us are philanthropists. Some of us do our giving voluntarily, while others do so on an involuntary basis through taxes – but we are ALL philanthropists one way or the other! Why not plan to do your giving in a way that benefits the people, causes and the community you care most about? That’s where organizations like the many fine Community Foundations in our state come in. I have worked for many years now to help my clients do good for their community, their families and themselves by partnering with their local community foundation. In reality I think the things we’ve accomplished together over the years in strategic charitable and estate planning have been the most fulfilling for them and for me as their advisor. Helping my clients explore their passions and fulfill their mission in life gives me renewed energy and passion to do the same in my own life every day!”

A. Wayne Potter, RFC, AAMS, Topeka, Kansas