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The Heart of Philanthropy, a 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Hutchinson Community Foundation

Aubrey Abbott Patterson, Foundation President, honored members of the Legacy Society and introduced a busy line-up of activities for its 25th anniversary year under the theme, "This is Where our Heart is."

"To mark our 25th year, we are recommitting to endowment. We are establishing our goal to build the Fund for Hutchinson, our unrestricted fund, to double it to $3 million by 2017 and $20 million by 2030," she said. "We are recognizing those who have committed to leaving a portion of their wealth to endowment as part of our Legacy Society. And we are looking to our citizens, the people who know and love Hutchinson and Reno County best, to tell us their vision for the future, just as our founders did 25 years ago."
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