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A Big Win for the Home Team

Allen County Community Foundation (ACCF) has finally filled the postition of Executive Director, when Susan Michael was hired. The organization emerged recently with a new direction to be the go-to place for organized giving in Allen County. Its first priority is to raise 5 million dollars to equip the new Allen County Hospital. This challenge is being met head on and has been possible because of three factors. First, the advice, support and assistance that Thrive Allen County has provided the emerging organization has been invaluable. Second, the hard work of a group of dedicated volunteers know as the Uniting for Excellence(UFE) Campaign has kept the new hospital in the forefront of the public eye and brought in the donations, Finally, the volunteers that kept the office running for the organization. The ACCF Board of Directors first sought candidates from a national pool of applicants. This became frustrating as the levels of salary and other conpensation would present a serious barrier to the organization. Instead they opted for a new approach. They would rely on local talent and invest in developing our own people. This is the direction that resulted in hiring Susan, a volunteer with the UFE Campaign. For once things worked out the way they are suppose to for someone who gave selfless volunteer service.

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