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KACF welcomes its new Board Member: Rosemary Dorsa

Vice President, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, Director, GIFT Technical Assistance Program.

Rosemary has spent her career in the philanthropic sector. In her current role, she provides leadership to the GIFT program which provides board and staff training, consulting, and networking opportunities for over 90 community foundations in Indiana. Prior to joining GIFT, Rosemary was with Central Indiana Community Foundation from 1993 to 2010, serving in various roles including Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Partnerships and Community Initiatives. She also worked for the United Way of Central Indiana and Community Centers of Indianapolis. Rosemary has served on numerous not-for-profit boards including Indiana Humanities, Indianapolis Parks Foundation, TechPoint Foundation and the Lacy Leadership Association.

Rosemary has been among the first to support KACF in its efforts of building the Annual National Conference for Growing Community Foundations

KACF is grateful to Rosemary for bringing her years of experience with community foundations and philanthropy-serving organizations to Kansas. With Rosemary's volunteering her time and expertise to benefit KACF Members and CFs field, we are well positioned as an organization to reach new heights!
Thank you, Rosemary!

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