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Coronavirus _ KS CFs :

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Following the footsteps of KACF's peer PSOs, may we recommend the following to Kansas CFs :

- Review your sick leave and remote working policies to make sure employees understand their options. Encourage employees to stay home if they aren’t feeling well or if they are in a high risk demographic. If your organization works with volunteers, make sure they are also up to date with precautions and know to stay home if they are sick.

- Review your emergency plan, if you have one. If you don’t have a plan yet, take some time to think through what changes your organization would need to make if your community were impacted by an outbreak. The CDC outlines emergency planning here.

- Check in with your grantees and try to be flexible. As the situation evolves, non-profits may experience challenges related to event planning, volunteer management, or other areas of operations, so their plans will change.

- During school closures, CFs and partners need to mobilize the community in order to ensure that students are able to access food and other resources usually provided by schools.

- Monitor Kansas Department of Health and Environment news and resources

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