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An anonymous donor and the Derby Community Foundation will be making generous gifts to KACF

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in support of the "Night on the Town" at the 2017 Annual National Conference for Growing Community Foundations on October 1-3, Wichita Marriott THANK YOU!

Theresa Hearn, Executive Director of the Derby Community Foundation, says: "KACF has been vital to the growth and development of the Derby Community Foundation (and to me as a professional in the CF field). The Derby CF board and I saw a chance to "give back" by providing funding for "Night on the Town." We are so proud of our community and of being part of the Wichita-Metro area, and so pleased to be able to support this event which showcases one of my favorite area attractions: The Wichita Art Museum. I hope that the Derby CF's support of "Night on the Town" will inspire other KACF members to provide financial support to our invaluable professional organization".

The anonymous donor shared: "Leveraging investments is important to me. I know with my donation to the KACF Conference I am leveraging the learning and networking of the attendees who in turn will leverage more engaged donors to their community foundations when they return home from the conference. That will then leverage a higher quality of life in the communities of my home state. I am also leveraging the members of KACF into a vigorous and meaningful state association of community foundations. When I think of the cascading effect of my donation - it is like turning it into a million bucks".

KACF is looking for Conference Partners, Session Supporters and Exhibitors, as well as "Welcome Wichita" contributors, if you know of someone who cares and who could benefit from meeting representatives of small urban, rural and suburban communities in Kansas and all over our vast Nation, please share this Supporter Packet with them.

We are stronger with the Association!

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