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KACF is launching a campaign:

During holiday months of November and December movie theaters in Kansas withing the Screen Vision and NCM networks will be showing the following preview commercials:


The 8 week campaign (2 weeks in Kansas City) hits the high season of Thanksgiving and Christmas when families do go to movie theaters and get there early to save good seats, thus they get to watch preview commercials. This approach allows KACF to reach future givers as well as baby boomers and the middle age group with our Keep 5 in KS message and direct the viewers to local CFs.

This project will cover all KACF members (40 mile radius of movie theaters in the two networks), with the exception of High Plain CF (Liberal), Scott City and South Central CF - the three CFs will receive reimbursement directly from KACF for their local marketing.

KACF invested $39,877 in this project and was able to receive special discounts and the best wholesale regional deals for non-profits. A state-wide contract like that is significantly cheaper than CFs’ placing ads individually - the power of together in action! We are stronger with the Association!

Special thanks to Anne Allen (Parsons Area CF) for the idea and to KACF Marketing Committee and KACF Board for supporting this project, as well as to the Kansas Health Foundation for the grant that made this project possible.

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