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A Liaison and Co-Liaisons have been selected for each KACF region

In essence, regional liaison teams are in place as points of contact and organizers for the regions for helping KACF to stay closely connected with community foundations in the region and for arranging peer learning opportunities within the regions. The scope, nature and implementation of the peer learning activities will be determined by CFs in the region together with the KACF regional liaison group.

This is a new process for KACF. Community foundations are encouraged to contact their regional liaisons with suggestions, questions and comments regarding peer learning activities that would help their organizational and program development and sustainability.

Regions are just boundaries for planning: For organizational purposes, KACF has identified Region I as the area west of Hays from the north to the south borders; Region II incorporates south central and south east KS; Region III is east of Hays covering the north central and north east parts of KS.

All community foundations may participate in any part of the state they wish. There are some CFs near regional boundaries, and they may choose to participate in two regions or make a decision to cross over permanently. It is suggested that community foundations let regional liaisons know which region is their preference for participation.

List of regional liaison groups:

    I Western KS:
  • Ryan Roberts - liaison (Scott Community Foundation)

  • Melinda Olson -co-liaison (Thomas County Community Foundation)

  • Cathy Domsch - co-liaison (Bird City Century II Development Foundation)

    II South Central and South East KS:
  • Angie Baur - liaison (Community Foundation of Greater Butler┬áCounty)
  • Theresa Hearn - co-liaison (Derby Community Foundation)

  • Janie DeVore Gillis - co-liaison (Coffeyville Area Community Foundation)

    III North Central and North East:
  • to be announced

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